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Alignment to Standards for NM

1 GEO-1)2.B.2 Identify how traditional tribal and local folklore attempt to explain weather, characteristics of places, and human origins and relationships. (moon phases)
1 SC-1) the basic patterns of objects as they move through the sky:
1 SC-1) moon appears at night but can sometimes be seen during the day
1 SC-1) sun and moon appear to move across the sky
1 SC-1) moon appears to change shape over the course of a month.
1 SC-1) the sun, moon, and stars all appear to move slowly across the sky.
2 History-2)1.C.1. similarities of the History of peoples in North America through literature (e.g., storytelling, fables, folktales, fairy tales).
2 SC-2) the phase of the moon appears a little different every day but looks the same again after about four weeks.
3 SC-3) objects in the solar system (e.g., sun, Earth and other planets, moon) and their features (e.g., size, temperature).
3 SC-3) the relationships among the objects in the solar system (e.g., relative distances, orbital motions).
K SC-K) there are many objects in the night sky and that some are brighter than others.
K SC-K) the location and movements of objects in the sky (e.g., stars, sun, moon).

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