Standards for NM

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Alignment to Standards for NM

1 GEO-1)2.E.1. Identify characteristics of culture (e.g., language, customs, religion, shelter).
2 History-2)1.B.1. Describe the cultural diversity of individuals and groups and their contributions to United States Historyory (e.g., George Washington, Ben Franklin, C_sar Chˆvez, Rosa Parks, National Association for Advancement of Colored People [NAACP], tribal leaders,
4 SC-4) humans and other living things have senses to help them detect stimuli, and that sensations (e.g., hunger) and stimuli (e.g., changes in the environment) influence the behavior of organisms.
K SC-K) different materials have different properties (e.g., color, odor).
K SC-K) Use the senses (e.g., sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) to observe surroundings, and describe the observations.

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