Standards for NM

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Alignment to Standards for NM

1 GEO-1)2.A.1 Understand maps and globes as representations of places and phenomena.
2 GEO-2)2.A.1. Use a variety of maps to locate specific places and regions.
2 GEO-2)2.A.2 Identify major landforms, bodies of water, and other places of significance in selected countries, continents, and oceans.
2 GEO-2)2.D.1 Describe the physical processes that affect the Earthês features
3 GEO-3)2.A1 Identify and use the mapping tools of scale, compass rose, grid, symbols, and mental mapping to locate and draw places on maps and globes.
3 GEO-3)2.D.2 Describe how physical processes shape features on the Earthês surface.
3 SC-3) Know that Earthês features are constantly changed by a combination of slow and rapid processes that include the action of volcanoes, earthquakes, mountain building, biological changes, erosion, and weathering.
4 GEO-4)2.D.2 four provinces (plains, mountains, plateau, and basin and range) that make up New Mexicoês land surface (geographic conditions).

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