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Alignment to Standards for NM

1 GEO-1)2.C.1 Identify examples of and uses for natural resources in the community, state, and nation.
1 GEO-1)2.F.1 Describe the role of resources in daily life.
1 SC-1) differences and similarities among living organisms (e.g., plants, animals).
2 GEO-2)2.C.1 Identify ways in which people depend on natural and man-made environments including natural resources to meet basic needs.
2 SC-2)2.1.1. properties change when they are mixed, cooled, or heated (salt dissolves in water, ice melts).
3 EC-3)4.A.2 Define and categorize resources (e.g., human, financial, natural).
3 EC-3)4.A.3 Identify a variety of products that use similar resources.
4 EC-4)4.A.3 Illustrate how resources can be used in alternative ways and, sometimes, allocated to different users.
K GEO-K)2.F.1 Identify natural resources.
K SC-K) objects are made of different types of materials
K SC-K) similarities and differences in the appearance and behavior of living organisms (e.g., plants, animals).

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