Standards for NM

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Alignment to Standards for NM

1 SC-1) living organisms inhabit various environments and have various external features to help them satisfy their needs (e.g., leaves, legs, claws).
1 SC-1) Know that men and women of all ethnic and social backgrounds practice science and technology.
2 GEO-2)2.F.1 Describe ways that people and groups can conserve and replenish natural resources.
4 GEO-4)2.C.2 Describe how environments, both natural and man-made, have influenced people and events over time, and describe how places change.
4 SC-4) different living organisms have distinctive structures and body systems that serve specific functions (e.g., walking, flying, swimming).
4 SC-4) living organisms have developed characteristics to improve chances of survival (e.g., spines on cacti, long beaks on hummingbirds, good eyesight on hawks).
4 SC-4) Know that both men and women of all races and social backgrounds choose science as a career.
K SC-K) major structures of common livings organisms (e.g., stems, leaves, and roots of plants; arms, wings, and legs of animals).

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