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Alignment to Standards for NH

2 S:ESS4:2:3.1 Differentiate between natural and man-made materials.
2 S:LS1:2:1.1 Differentiate between living and nonliving things; and categorize objects in each group using the significant observable characteristics they share, such as color, shape and size.
2 S:PS1:2:2.1 Identify the observable properties of different objects, such as color, size, shape, weight and texture.
2 S:SPS1:2:1.2 Record observations using language, concrete objects, and symbolic representations.
2 S:SPS1:2:1.5 Sort and classify object materials and events based on one or more attributes; and explain the methods used for sorting.
2 S:SPS1:2:4.1 Represent and interpret information and observations in many ways (such as in tally, pictographs, bar graphs, tables)
2 S:SPS4:2:2.1 Communicate ideas and observations through a variety of tools and formats (e.g., oral, journal, drawing, projects, multimedia).
2 S:SPS4:2:3.3 Make a graph to represent data.
4 S:LS2:4:1.2 Describe the interaction of living organisms with nonliving things.
4 S:PS1:4:2.1 Recognize that substances can be classified by observable properties.
4 S:PS1:4:2.5 Collect and organize data about physical properties in order to classify objects or draw conclusions about objects and their characteristic properties (e.g., temperature, color, size, shape, weight, texture, flexibility). [PS1(K-4)INQ-1]
4 S:SPS1:4:1.5 Classify according to several attributes and describe or show the method for classification.
4 S:SPS1:4:4.1 Compile and display data in a variety of formats.
4 S:SPS4:4:7.1 Keep a journal record of observations, recognizing patterns, summarizing findings, and reflecting on the observations.

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