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Alignment to Standards for NH

2 S:LS1:2:1.2 plants and animals as living things and describe how they are alike and different.
2 S:LS1:2:2.1 plants and animals have features that help them survive in different environments.
2 S:LS2:2:1.2 animals, including humans, interact with their surroundings using their senses; and that different senses provide different kinds of information.
2 S:LS3:2:3.1 similarities and differences in both behavior and appearance of plants and animals.
2 S:LS3:2:3.2 there are different species of living things in various places around the world.
2 S:LS4:2:3.2 sense organs, including eyes, ears, nose mouth, and skin; and describe how each can warn an individual about danger.

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