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Alignment to Standards for NH

2 S:ESS4:2:3.1 Differentiate between natural and man-made materials.
2 S:LS5:2:1.1 Recognize that new products can be made out of natural materials, such as paper from trees and cloth from various plants and animals.
2 SS:EC:2:1.2 Describe the steps and materials needed to make a product, e.g., milk or crayons.
2 SS:EC:2:5.1 Define the term resources, e.g., trees, books
2 SS:GE:2:4.2 Identify what are natural resources, e.g., water or trees.
2 SS:GE:2:5.2 how people use resources, e.g., building homes or the food they eat.
2 SS:HI:2:2.1 Recognize that the world is interconnected, e.g., trade or transportation.
4 S:ESS1:4:2.3 Given information about Earth materials, explain how their characteristics lend themselves to specific uses.
4 S:LS4:4:3.1 Identify what the physical structures of humans do (e.g., sense organs_ eyes, ears, skin, etc.) or compare physical structures of humans to similar structures of animals.

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