Standards for NE

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Alignment to Standards for NE

2,3,4 SS 2-4)4.10a Students will identify and use essential map elements.
2,3,4 SS 2-4)4.10d Use the grid system to find locations.
2,3,4 SS 2-4)4.11 Students will use maps and globes to acquire information about people, places, and environments.
5-Mar SC5.1.2.c Recognize many different people study science
5-Mar SC5.1.3 Students will solve a simple design problem.
5-Mar SC5.1.3.b Propose a solution to a simple problem
5-Mar SC5.2.2 Students will identify the influence of forces on motion.
K-1 MA K-1)1.3.1 students will measure two or more items or sets using nonstandard units of measure and compare attributes.
K-1 MA K-1)1.3.1b Measure items using nonstandard units (human foot, hand span, new pencil, toothpick, block, and paper clip).
K-1 MA K-1)1.3.2 tools of measurement and their appropriate use (clocks, calendar, ruler, balance scale, and thermometer).
K-2 SC2.1.1.b Conduct simple investigations
K-2 SC2.1.1.c Select and use simple tools appropriately
K-2 SC2.2.1.a Observe physical properties of objects (freezing/melting, sinking/floating, color, size, texture, shape, weight)
K-2 SC2.2.1.c Measure objects using standard and non-standard units

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