Standards for NE

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Alignment to Standards for NE

2,3,4 MA 2-4) 4.5.1 students will collect, organize, record, and interpret data and describe the findings.
5-Mar SC5.2.1.b Identify physical properties of matter (color, odor, elasticity, weight, volume)
5-Mar SC5.4.2 Students will observe and describe Earthês materials, structure, and processes.
5-Mar SC5.4.2.c Identify how Earth materials are used (fuels, building materials, sustaining plant life)
K-1 MA K-1)1.5.1 students will collect information about objects and events in their environment (favorite candy bar, number of siblings, and number of pets).
K-1 MA K-1)1.6.2 students will sort and classify objects according to one or more attributes (size, shape, color, and thickness).
K-2 SC2.4.2 Students will observe, identify, and describe characteristics of Earthês materials.

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