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Alignment to Standards for NE

5-Mar SC5.3.1 Students will investigate and compare the characteristics of living things.
5-Mar SC5.3.1.b Identify how parts of plants and animals function to meet basic needs (e.g., leg of an insect helps an insect move, root of a plant helps the plant obtain water)
5-Mar SC5.3.2 Students will identify variations of inherited characteristics and life cycles.
5-Mar SC5.3.3.d Recognize all organisms cause changes, some beneficial and some detrimental, in the environment where they live
K-1 MA K-1)1.1.2b Use comparison vocabulary (bigger, smaller, more, less, equal, higher, and lower).
K-1 MA K-1)1.3.1a Compare attributes of items (length-shorter/longer, height-taller/shorter, weight-heavier/lighter, and temperature-hotter/colder).
K-2 SC2.1.1.c Select and use simple tools appropriately
K-2 SC2.3.1.c Identify external parts of plants and animals
K-2 SC2.3.2.a Describe how offspring resemble their parents

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