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Alignment to Standards for MI

1 1 _ G1.0.4 Distinguish between landmasses and bodies of water using maps and globes.
4 E.ST.04.31 Explain how fossils provide evidence of the history of the Earth.
4 E.ST.04.32 Compare and contrast life forms found in fossils and organisms that exist today.
4 E.ST.E.3 Fossils provide evidence about the plants and animals that lived long ago and the nature of the environment at that time.
5 L.EV.05.13 Describe how fossils provide evidence about how living things and environmental conditions have changed.
5 L.EV.05.14 Analyze the relationship of environmental change and catastrophic events (for example: volcanic eruption, floods, asteroid impacts, tsunami) to species extinction.
5 L.EV.05.21 Relate degree of similarity in anatomical features to the classification of contemporary organisms.
K K _ G1.0.1 Recognize that maps and globes represent places.

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