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Alignment to Standards for MI

1 1 _ G2.0.1 Distinguish between physical (e.g., clouds, trees, weather) and human (e.g., buildings, playgrounds, sidewalks) characteristics of places.
3 E.ES.03.41 Identify natural resources (metals, fuels, fresh water, farmland, and forests).
3 E.ES.03.42 Classify renewable (fresh water, farmland, forests) and non- renewable (fuels, metals) resources.
3 E.ES.03.51 humans are dependent on the natural environment (forests, water, clean air, earth materials) and constructed environments (homes, neighborhoods, shopping malls, factories, and industry).
3 E.SE.03.31 Identify Earth materials used to construct common objects ( bricks, buildings, roads, glass).
3 E.SE.E.3 Some Earth materials have properties that make them useful either in their present form or designed and modified to solve human problems. They can enhance the quality of life as in the case of materials used for building or fuels us

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