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Alignment to Standards for ME

5-Mar SC-3-5-C2) why people use science and technology and how scientists and engineers work.
5-Mar SC-3-5-C3)a Explain how scientific and technological information can help people make safe and healthy decisions.
5-Mar SC-3-5-D1) position and apparent motions of different objects in and beyond our solar system and how these objects can be viewed from Earth.
5-Mar SC-3-5-D1)a Show the locations of the sun, Earth, moon, and planets and their orbits.
5-Mar SC-3-5-D1)c Recognize that the sun is a star and is similar to other stars in the universe.
5-Mar SC-3-5.A3)b Make tables or graphs to represent changes.
5-Mar SS.A1.3-5)d Collect, evaluate, and organize for a specific purpose.
PK-2 SC-PK-2-C2)a Recognize that people have always had problems and invented tools and ways of doing things to solve problems.
PK-2 SC-PK-2-D1)b Describe the changes in the appearance of the moon from day to day.

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