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Alignment to Standards for ME

5-Mar SC-3-5-C2)a Describe how scientists seek to answer questions and explain the natural world.
5-Mar SC-3-5-C3) Students identify and describe the influences of science and technology on people and the environment.
5-Mar SC-3-5-E2)c Describe some of the ways in which organisms depend on one another, including animals carrying pollen and dispersing seeds.
5-Mar SC-3-5-E2)e Explain how organisms can affect the environment in different ways.
5-Mar SS.A1.3-5)d Collect, evaluate, and organize for a specific purpose.
PK-2 SC-PK-2-E3) parts and wholes of living things, their basic needs, and the structures and processes that help them stay alive.
PK-2 SC-PK-2-E4) Students describe the cycle of birth, development, and death in different organisms and the ways in which organisms resemble their parents.

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