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Alignment to Standards for ME

5-Mar SC-3-5-A4)a Measure things to compare sizes, speeds, times, distances, and weights.
5-Mar SC-3-5-C2) why people use science and technology and how scientists and engineers work.
PK-2 SC-PK-2-A4)a significantly different sizes, weights, ages, and speeds of objects.
PK-2 SC-PK-2-C2)a Recognize that people have always had problems and invented tools and ways of doing things to solve problems.
PK-2 SC-PK-2.A3) the physical setting, the living environment, and the technological world some things change over time and some things stay the same.
PK-2 SS.A1.PK-2)c Locate and collect information for a specific purpose from sources including maps, photographs, charts, and graphs.
PK-2 SS.D1.PK-2)c Use basic maps and globes to identify local and distant places and locations, directions (including N, S, E, and W), and basic physical, environmental, and cultural features.

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