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Alignment to Standards for MD

3 SC-3.5.0.A.1. Cite evidence from observations to describe the motion of an object using position and speed.
3 SC-3.5.0.A.1.a Describe the position of an object by locating it relative to another object or to its background.
3 SC-3.5.0.A.1.b Using information from multiple trials, compare the speeds (faster or slower) of objects that travel the same distance in different amounts of time.
3 SC-3.5.0.A.1.c Using information from multiple trials, compare the distances that objects moving at different speeds travel in the same amount of time.
3 SC-3.5.0.A.2. Explain that changes in the ways objects move are caused by forces.
3 SC-3.5.0.A.2.a Observe and describe the way an objects motion changes in a variety of situations (rolling a ball, bouncing a ball, dropping a yo-yo, winding up a toy, etc.) and identify what may have caused the change.
3 SC-3.5.0.A.2.b Describe changes in the motion of objects as they move across different textured surfaces and suggest possible causes for the change.
5 SC-5.5.0.A.1. Describe the motion of objects using distance traveled, time, direction, and speed.
5 SC-5.5.0.A.1.a Observe, describe, and compare types of motion.
5 SC-5.5.0.A.2.a changes in speed or direction of motion are caused by an interaction of forces acting on an object: Friction, Gravity,
K SC-K.5.0.A.1. Compare the different ways objects move.
K SC-K.5.0.A.1.a Given many different objects, make them move and describe and compare how they move: Straight, Round and round, Back and forth, Zig-Zag, Indicator
K SC-K.5.0.A.2. there must be a cause for changes in the motion of an object
K SC-K.5.0.A.2.a Observe and describe the ways in which a variety of objects motion can be changed: Sped up from a standstill, Slow down to a stop, Go faster, Go slower, No change, Change direction
K SC-K.5.0.A.2.b Based on observations, identify what caused the changes in an objects motion: Push, Pull, Topic

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