Standards for MD

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Alignment to Standards for MD

1 SS-1.3.0.B.1. Describe places in the environment using geographic characteristics
1 SS-1.3.0.D.1.a Describe how people in a community modify their environment to meet changing needs for shelter, such as clearing land for a housing community
1 SS-1.3.0.D.1.b Describe why and how people protect the environment
1,2 SS-1-3.3.0.D.1. Explain how people modify, protect and adapt to their environment
2 SC-2.2.0.A.1.e Changes caused by water, wind, etc.
5 SC-5.4.0.C.1.b Heating causes: ice (solid) to melt forming liquid water; liquid water to evaporate forming water vapor (gas).
5 SC-5.4.0.C.1.c Cooling causes: liquid water to freeze forming ice (solid); water vapor (gas) to form liquid water.
PK SS-PK-3.0.B.1.e Discuss that places have natural/physical features such as mountains, rivers, and hills
PK SS-PK-3.0.D.1. Describe how people adapt to their immediate environment

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