Standards for MD

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Alignment to Standards for MD

1 SC-1.3.0.C.2. Recognize that all living things have offspring, usually with two parents involved.
1 SC-1.3.0.C.2.a Examine a variety of living things and their offspring and describe what each parent and offspring looks like.
1 SC-1.3.0.C.2.c Are parents and offspring more similar than they are different?
1 SC-1.3.0.E.1. Describe some of the ways in which animals depend on plants and on each other.
3,4,5 SC-3-5.1.0.C.1.e Recognize that doing science involves many different kinds of work and engages men and women of all ages and backgrounds.
PK SC-PK.2.0E.2. Describe the weather using observations.
PK SC-PK.2.0E.2.b Describe qualitative changes in weather, such as temperatures, precipitation, wind, etc.
PK-2 SC-PK-2.1.0.A.1.c Use tools such as thermometers, magnifiers, rulers, or balances to extend their senses and gather data.

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