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Alignment to Standards for MD

1 SC-1.3.0.B.2.c Describe some parts of plants and describe what they do for the plant.
2 SC-2.3.0.C.1. Explain that there are identifiable stages in the life cycles (growth, reproduction, and death) of plants and animals.
2 SC-2.3.0.C.1.a Investigate and describe that seeds change and grow into plants.
2 SC-2.3.0.C.1.c Given pictures of stages in the life cycle of a plant or an animal, determine the sequence of the stages in the life cycle.
4 SC-4.3.0.E.1.c Identify the things that are essential for plants to grow and survive.
K SC-K.3.0.C.1.a Identify and draw pictures that show what an animal (egg to frog) and a plant (seed to tree) looks like at each stage of its life cycle.
K SC-K.3.0.E.1.c Make observations of the features of many different kinds of plants within an environment to identify and begin building a list of some of the basic needs these organisms share, such as water, light, etc.
K SC-K.3.0.E.1.d Describe the way that most plants manage to bring water from the environment into the plant.
PK-2 SC-PK-2.1.0.C.1.g sequence events (seasons, seed growth).

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