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Alignment to Standards for MD

1 SS-1.3.0.A.1.a Locate the continents and oceans using maps and a globe
1 SS-1.3.0.A.1.d Define map elements as parts of a map that make it easy to use
1 SS-1.3.0.A.1.e Describe where places are located on a map using relative distance and direction, such as near-far, above-below and cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west)
1,2 SS-1&2.3.0.A.1. Use geographic tools to locate and describe places on Earth
2 SC-2.3.0.D.1.b Examine pictures of organisms that lived long ago, such as dinosaurs, and describe how they resemble organisms that are alive today.
2 SC-2.3.0.D.1.c Recognize that some kinds of organisms have completely disappeared.
2 SS-2.3.0.A.1.a Identify the purpose and use of a globe and a variety of maps and atlases, such as school maps, neighborhood maps and simple atlases
2 SS-2.3.0.A.1.c Identify the equator, poles, seven continents, four oceans, and countries on a map and globe
3 SS-3.3.0.A.1. Use geographic tools to locate and construct meaning about places on Earth
4 SC-4.2.0.B.2. Recognize and explain that fossils provide evidence about the plants and animals that lived long ago and about the nature of the environment at that time.
4 SC-4.2.0.B.2.a Recognize and explain that the remains or imprints of plants or animals can become fossils.
4 SC-4.2.0.B.2.b Describe the physical structures of an animal or plant based on its fossil remains.
4 SC-4.2.0.B.2.c Identify what an animal or plant fossil is able to tell about the environment in which it lived: Water, Land, Topic
4 SC-4.3.0.D.1.d Examine and compare fossils to one another and to living organisms as evidence that some individuals survive and reproduce.
K SS-K-3.0.A.1. globe and maps can be used to help people locate places
K SS-K-3.0.A.1.b Describe how maps are models showing physical features and/or human features of places
K SS-K-3.0.A.1.d Identify pictures and photographs that represent places on a map such as a playground and a fire station
PK SS-PK-3.0.A.1. Recognize that a globe and maps are used to help people locate places
PK SS-PK-3.0.A.1.a Recognize that maps are models of places

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