Standards for MD

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Alignment to Standards for MD

1 SC-1.2.0.D.2. Recognize that there is a relationship between the sun and the earth.
1 SC-1.2.0.D.2.a Identify ways that the sun affects the earth including that the sun warms the earth and provides light.
1 SC-1.2.0.E.1.a Cite examples of the suns effect on what happens to water on the Earths surface.
3 SC-3.2.0.E.1.a Describe that air is a substance that surrounds us and contains such things as oxygen, water vapor (gas), pollen, dust, etc.
3 SS-3.6.0.F.1.a Interpret information in maps, charts and graphs
4 SC-4.2.0.D.1.b Identify the sun as the Earths closest star.
5 SC-5.2.0.D.1. Identify and compare properties, location, and movement of celestial objects in our solar system.
5 SC-5.2.0.D.1.a Recognize that like all planets and stars, the Earth is spherical in shape.
5 SC-5.2.0.D.1.b Identify the properties of the planet Earth that make it possible for the survival of life as we know it: Temperature, Location, Presence of an atmosphere, Presence of water (solid, liquid, and gas)
5 SC-5.2.0.D.1.c Compare the properties of at least one other planet in our solar system to those of Earth to determine if it could support life, as we know it.
5 SC-5.2.0.D.1.e Provide evidence that supports the idea that our solar system is sun-centered.
5 SC-5.2.0.E.1.b Explain that the sun is the main source of energy that causes the changes in the water on Earth.
5 SC-5.3.0.E.1.a Identify the sun as the primary source of energy for all living organisms.
K SC-K.2.0.D.1.a Identify and describe the sun, moon and stars.
K SC-K.2.0.D.1.b Describe ways in which the daytime and nighttime skies are different.
PK SS-PK-3.6.0.D.1.c Locate and gather data and information from appropriate non-print sources, such as music, maps, graphs, photographs, and illustrations
PK-2 SS-PK-2.6.0.F.1. Interpret information from secondary sources including pictures, graphics, maps, atlases, and timelines

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