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Alignment to Standards for KY

Primary SC-EP-4.7.1a When the environment changes some plants and animals survive and reproduce and others die or move to new locations. Examples of environmental changes resulting in either increase or decrease in numbers of a particular organism should be explored in order
Primary SC-P-BC-S-4 occurrences in the environment that illustrate change (e.g., erosion, earthquakes, weather phenomena, human intrusion)
Primary SC-P-EU-S-2 Students will explore how earth materials are used for certain things because of their properties
Primary SC-P-EU-U-1 people use a variety of earth materials for different purposes because of their different properties. All products that people use somehow come from the Earth.
Primary SC-P-I-S-1 characteristics of an ecosystem
Primary SC-P-I-S-2 how organisms depend on their environments
Primary SC-P-I-S-3 the environment can be affected by the organisms living there
Primary SS-EP-1.3.2 identify and give examples of good citizenship at home, at school and in the community (e.g., helping with chores, obeying rules, participating in community service projects such as recycling, conserving natural resources, donating food/supp
Primary SS-P-E-S-1a investigate and give examples of resources
Primary SS-P-G-U-3 Students will understand that people depend on, adapt to, and/or modify the environment to meet basic needs. Human actions modify the physical environment and in turn, the physical environment limits and/or promotes human activities.

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