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Alignment to Standards for KY

4 SC-04-4.7.2b classify the interactions as beneficial or harmful to the environment using data/evidence to support conclusions.
4 SC-04-4.7.2c All organisms, including humans, cause changes in the environment where they live. Some of these changes are detrimental to the organism or to other organisms; other changes are beneficial
4 SC-4-I-S-2 how changes in the environment affect the plantsê and animalsê ability to survive
4 SC-4-I-S-5 consequences of changes caused by humans or other organisms, and propose solutions to real life situations/dilemmas
4 SC-4-I-U-4 any single action can be both beneficial and harmful to different organisms in an ecosystem.
4 SC-4-UD-S-5 questions about the diversity of living things using information from a variety of print and non-print sources
5 SC-5-I-S-3 cause/effect relationship of altering a particular population of organisms within an ecosystem
5 SC-5-I-U-1 Changes to any population may affect the other populations in that ecosystem.
5 SC-5-I-U-2 populations interact with each other in an ecosystem form a specific community, but there may be multiple communities within the same ecosystem.
Primary SC-EP-3.4.1 Organisms have basic needs. For example, animals need air, water and food; plants need air, water, nutrients and light. Organisms can survive only in environments in which their needs can be met.
Primary SC-EP-3.4.3 Students will describe the basic structures and related functions of plants and animals that contribute to growth, reproduction and survival.
Primary SC-P-I-S-4 changes in an environment might affect plantsê and animalsê ability to survive

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