Standards for KY

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Alignment to Standards for KY

4 SC-4-STM-S-4 Students will conduct tests, compare data and draw conclusions about physical properties of matter including states of matter, conduction and buoyancy
5 SC-05-1.1.1 Students will describe the physical properties of substances (e.g., boiling point, solubility, density).
5 SC-5-STM-S-1 Students will use appropriate tools (e.g., balance, thermometer, graduated cylinder) and observations to describe physical properties of substances (e.g., boiling point, solubility, density) and to classify materials
5 SC-5-STM-S-2 Students will work individually and with others to design and conduct fair tests to safely investigate properties of matter, such as boiling point, density, and solubility
Primary SS-P,4&5-G-U-1 use of geographic tools (e.g., maps, globes, charts, graphs) and mental maps help interpret information, understand and analyze patterns, spatial data and geographic issues.

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