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Alignment to Standards for KY

5 SC-05-1.2.2 forces are pushes and pulls, and that these pushes and pulls may be invisible (e.g., gravity, magnetism) or visible (e.g., friction, collisions).
5 SC-05-4.6.3a draw conclusions about the transfer of energy within models/representations of electrical circuits as evidenced by the heat, light, sound, and magnetic effects that are produced;
Primary SC-EP-1.2.1 interactions of magnets with other magnets and other matter (e.g., magnets can make some things move without touching them).
Primary SC-EP-1.2.1a Magnets have observable properties that allow them to attract and repel each other and attract certain kinds of other materials (e.g., iron).
Primary SC-EP-1.2.1b with knowledge of the basic properties of magnets, predictions can be made and conclusions drawn about their interactions with other common objects.
Primary SC-P-MF-S-1 identify points of reference/reference objects in order to describe the position of objects
Primary SC-P-MF-S-6 Students will observe interactions of magnets with other magnets and with other matter (e.g., magnets have a force that can make some things move without touching them; larger size of a magnet does not have to mean it has greater force) in order to make g
Primary SC-P-MF-S-8 Students will ask questions about motion, magnetism and sound and use a variety of print and non-print sources to gather and synthesize information
Primary SC-P-MF-U-5 Students will understand that magnetism is a force that can make some things move without touching them.
Primary SS-EP-4.1.1 Students will use geographic tools (e.g., maps, globes, mental maps, charts, graphs) to locate and describe familiar places at home, school and the community.
Primary SS-P,4&5-G-U-1 use of geographic tools (e.g., maps, globes, charts, graphs) and mental maps help interpret information, understand and analyze patterns, spatial data and geographic issues.

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