Standards for KY

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Alignment to Standards for KY

5 SC-5-BC-S-2 adaptations of various organisms to their environments through observations as well as print and non-print based resources
Primary SC-P-I-S-5 why some animals are endangered or extinct; why some areas are •protectedê)
Primary SC-P-I-U-2 when the environment changes, some plants and animals survive and reproduce, and others die or move to new locations.
Primary SS-EP-4.4.1 ways people adapt to/modify the physical environment to meet their basic needs (food, shelter, clothing).
Primary SS-P-G-S-3 ways people and animals modify the physical environment to meet their basic needs (e.g., clearing land to build homes versus building nests and burrows as shelters)
Primary SS-P-G-U-3 Students will understand that people depend on, adapt to, and/or modify the environment to meet basic needs. Human actions modify the physical environment and in turn, the physical environment limits and/or promotes human activities.

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