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4 SC-04-2.3.2 describe and explain consequences of changes to the surface of the Earth, including some common fast changes (e.g., landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes), and some common slow changes (e.g., erosion, weathering).
4 SC-04-2.3.2a The surface of the Earth changes. Some changes are due to slow processes such as erosion or weathering. Some changes are due to rapid processes such as landslides, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.
4 SC-04-2.3.3a Weather changes from day to day and over seasons.
4 SC-4-EU-S-5 describe and compare contributing factors and consequences of fast changes to earthês surface (e.g., landslides, earthquakes, floods)
4 SC-4-EU-U-3 the surface of the Earth is always changing through both fast and slow processes. These changes may be steady, repetitive or irregular. Careful analysis of data from past events allows the prediction of expected consequences
Primary SC-EP-2.3.2a Weather changes from day to day and over seasons.
Primary SC-P-BC-S-4 occurrences in the environment that illustrate change (e.g., erosion, earthquakes, weather phenomena, human intrusion)
Primary SC-P-BC-U-3 some changes are so slow or so fast that they are hard to see.

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