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Alignment to Standards for KY

4 SC-04-2.3.1 classify earth materials by the ways that they are used;
4 SC-04-2.3.1 Earth materials provide many of the resources humans use. The varied materials have different physical properties that can be used to describe, separate, sort and classify them.
4 SC-4-I-U-2 environmental relationships extend beyond food (e.g. shelter, seed transport).
Primary SC-P-ET-S-2 Students will create or interpret sketches, diagrams, 3-dimensional constructions and concept maps as models that can be used to represent things that can be seen, cannot be seen, or cannot be seen easily or in their entirety
Primary SC-P-EU-S-2 Students will explore how earth materials are used for certain things because of their properties
Primary SC-P-EU-U-1 people use a variety of earth materials for different purposes because of their different properties. All products that people use somehow come from the Earth.
Primary SS-P-E-S-1a investigate and give examples of resources

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