Standards for IN

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Alignment to Standards for IN

1 SC-1.1.1 Observe, describe, draw, and sort objects carefully to learn about them.
1 SC-1.2.6 Describe and compare objects in terms of number, shape, texture, size, weight, color, and motion.
1 SS-1.3.9 Give examples of natural resources found locally and describe how people in the school and community use these resources.
1 SS-1.4.1 Identify goods that people use.
2 SC-2.3.3 Investigate by observing and then describe chunks of rocks and their many sizes and shapes, from boulders to grains of sand and even smaller.
4 SC-4.3.6 Recognize and describe that rock is composed of different combinations of minerals.
4 SC-4.3.7 Explain that smaller rocks come from the breakage and weathering of bedrock and larger rocks and that soil is made partly from weathered rock, partly from plant remains, and also contains many living organisms.
K SC-K.6.1 Describe an object by saying how it is similar to or different from another object.

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