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Alignment to Standards for IN

1 SS-1.3.1 Identify the cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) on maps and globes.
1 SS-1.3.2 Identify and describe continents, oceans, cities and roads on maps and globes.
2 SS-2.3.1 Use a compass rose to identify cardinal and intermediate directions and to locate places on maps and places in the classroom, school and community.
2 SS-2.3.5 Identify and describe cultural or human features on a map using map symbols.
3 SC-3.6.5 Observe that and describe how some changes are very slow and some are very fast and that some of these changes may be hard to see and/or record.
3 SS-3.3.3 Identify the northern, southern, eastern and western hemispheres; cardinal and intermediate directions; and determine the direction and distance from one place to another.
4 SC-4.3.5 waves, wind, water, and glacial ice shape and reshape Earthês land surface by the erosion* of rock and soil in some areas and depositing them in other areas.
5 SC-5.3.12 objects move at different rates, with some moving very slowly and some moving too quickly for people to see them.
K SS-K.3.2 Identify maps and globes as ways of representing Earth and understand the basic difference between a map and globe.

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