Standards for IN

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Alignment to Standards for IN

1 SC-1.4.1 Identify when stories give attributes to plants and animals, such as the ability to speak, that they really do not have.
1 SC-1.4.3 animals eat plants or other animals for food.
1 SC-1.6.2 Observe that and describe how certain things change in some ways and stay the same in others, such as in their color, size, and weight.
1 SS-1.2.4 Describe ways that individual actions can contribute to the common good of the community.
1 SS-1.3.9 Give examples of natural resources found locally and describe how people in the school and community use these resources.
1 SS-1.4.1 Identify goods that people use.
4 SC-4.4.4 some source of energy is needed for all organisms to stay alive and grow.
4 SS-4.3.6 Describe Indianaês landforms (lithosphere*), water features (hydrosphere*), and plants and animals (biosphere*).
K SC-K.4.1 Give examples of plants and animals.
K SC-K.4.2 plants and animals, describing how they are alike and how they are different in the way they look and in the things they do.
K SS-K.1.4 Identify and order events that take place in a sequence.

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