Standards for IN

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Alignment to Standards for IN

1 SC-1.5.1 Use numbers, up to 10, to place objects in order, such as first, second, and third, and to name them
1 SS-1.3.2 Identify and describe continents, oceans, cities and roads on maps and globes.
2 SC-2.1.1 Count by ones, twos, fives, and tens to 100.
5 SC-5.2.1 Multiply and divide whole numbers* mentally, on paper, and with a calculator.
K SC-K.4.1 Give examples of plants and animals.
K SC-K.4.2 plants and animals, describing how they are alike and how they are different in the way they look and in the things they do.
K SS-K.3.2 Identify maps and globes as ways of representing Earth and understand the basic difference between a map and globe.

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