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Alignment to Standards for DE

1 SC-1.317 compare and describe similarities and differences in physical properties of an assortment of solid objects.
3 SC-3.305 observe a variety of Earths materials such as rocks, sand, and soil and sort the materials into groups based on similar physical properties.
3 SC-3.306 examine an assortment of rocks and use appropriate measuring tools (balances, meter tapes, syringes) to gather data about the rocksĂȘ physical properties (length, circumference, weight).
3 SC-3.307 examine rocks in order to identify their composition and to recognize that they are made up of more than one component.
3 SC-3.308 recognize that rocks are composed of Earth materials called minerals that cannot be physically broken apart any further.
3 SC-3.309 sort and group an assortment of minerals based on similarities and differences in their physical properties.
3 SC-3.310 order or serrate a group of minerals based on such physical properties as hardness, color, and luster.
3 SC-3.311 conduct simple tests (e.g., scratch test, fizz test) to identify rocksĂȘ mineral composition and record and discuss the test results.
3 SC-3.318 observe and describe the physical properties of a variety of materials in order to construct classification systems which sort and group these materials.
4 SC-4.308 sort and classify samples of Earth materials according to physical properties such as color, luster, weight relative to size, particle size, and hardness.
4 SC-4.309 recognize that wearing away and moving soil and rock is erosion; the settling of eroded materials is deposition.
K SC-K.304 sort, group, and regroup a variety of familiar living and nonliving things based on their physical properties (e.g., shape, color, texture, taste, size, etc.).

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