Standards for DE

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Alignment to Standards for DE

1 SC-1.310 observe a variety of living organisms (plants and animals) and identify basic needs common to the organisms such as food, water, air, shelter, etc.
1 SC-1.311 recognize that in addition to common basic needs, organisms also have specific needs such as type of water, range of temperature, type of food.
3 SC-3.305 observe a variety of Earths materials such as rocks, sand, and soil and sort the materials into groups based on similar physical properties.
4 SC-4.307 analyze materials that make up land and describe these materials on the basis of their properties.
4 SC-4.320 differentiate between an organismês habitat and its territory
5 SC-5.316 identify those factors that affect the growth and reproduction of organisms in an ecosystem, such as light, water, temperature, and soil.

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