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Alignment to Standards for DC

1 SC.1.2.3. Observe and measure that the sun supplies heat and light to the Earth and is necessary for most life.
2 SC.2.3.2. Explain that air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and precipitation make up the weather in a particular place and time.
3 SC.3.3. Objects in the sky move in regular and predictable patterns.
4 SC.4.5.1. Explain that energy comes from the sun in the form of visible light and other radiation we cannot see without special instruments, but some of what we cannot see we can feel as heating (infrared radiation), and some can cause sunburn (ultraviolet radiatio
5 SC.5.3. The solar system consists of planets and other bodies that orbit the sun in predictable paths.
5 SC.5.3.1. Describe the Earth as part of a system called the solar system, which includes the sun (a star), planets, comets, asteroids, and many moons.
5 SC.5.3.2. Recognize that the Earth is the third planet from the sun in our solar system.
5 SC.5.3.4. Describe that, like all planets and stars, the Earth is approximately spherical in shape.
K-2 H K-2.4. Students use nontext primary and secondary sources, such as maps, charts, graphs, photographs, works of art, and technical charts.

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