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Alignment to Standards for CT

1 SC:1.2.a/b5 Compare and contrast information about animals and plants found in fiction and nonfiction (FCM) sources.
1 SC:1.2.a1 most animals and plants need water, food and air to stay alive.
1 SC:1.2.b Plants need air, water and sunlight to survive.
2 SC:2.2 Plants change their forms as part of their life cycles.
2 SC:2.2.a The life cycles of flowering plants include seed germination, growth, flowering, pollination and seed dispersal.
2 SC:2.2.a3 Describe the functions of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds in completing a plantês life cycle.
2 SC:2.2.a5 Compare and contrast how seeds of different plants are adapted for dispersal by water, wind or animals.
2 SC:2.3 Earth materials have varied physical properties, which make them useful in different ways.
3 SC:3.2 Organisms can survive and reproduce only in environments that meet their basic needs.
3 SC:3.3 Earth materials have different physical and chemical properties.
4 SC:4.2 All organisms depend on the living and nonliving features of the environment for survival.
K SC:K.2 Many different kinds of living things inhabit the Earth.
Pre-K SC:PK.2 Many different kinds of living things inhabit the Earth.

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