Standards for CA

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Alignment to Standards for CA

1 1 S PS--1 Materials come in different forms (states), including solids, liquids, and gases.
1 1 S PS--1.a. Students know solids, liquids, and gases have different properties.
1 1 S PS--1.b. Students know the properties of substances can change when the substances are mixed, cooled, or heated.
1 1 SS 4)2 Study transportation methods of earlier days.
1 1 SS 4)3 Recognize similarities and differences of earlier generations in such areas as work (inside and outside the home), dress, manners, stories, games, and festivals, drawing from biographies, oral histories, and folklore.
1 1 SS 5)2 Understand the ways in which American Indians and immigrants have helped define Californian and American culture.

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