Standards for AZ

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Alignment to Standards for AZ

1 PO 1 Identify various technologies (e.g., automobiles, radios, refrigerators) that people use.
1 PO 2 Compare celestial objects (Sun, Moon, stars) & transient objects in the sky (clouds, birds, airplanes, contrails).
2 PO 1 Organize data using graphs (i.e., pictograph, tally chart), tables, and journals.
2 PO 1 Analyze how various technologies impact aspects of peopleês lives (e.g., entertainment, medicine, transportation, communication).
3 PO 1 Organize data using the following methods with appropriate labels: bar graphs, pictographs, tally charts
3 PO 1 Identify ways that people use tools and techniques to solve problems.
3 PO 2 development of different technologies (communication, entertainment, transportation, medicine) in response to resources, needs, and values.
4 PO 1 Describe how science and technology (e.g., computers, air conditioning, medicine) have improved the lives of many people.
5 PO 1 Describe how the Moonês appearance changes during a four-week lunar cycle.
5 PO 1 Identify the known planets of the solar system.
5 PO 2 Describe the distinguishing characteristics of the known planets in the solar system.
5 PO 3 Describe various objects in the sky (e.g., asteroids, comets, stars, meteors/shooting stars).
5 PO 4a change in position and motion in the sky over time: real motion _ Moon, planets
5 PO 4b change in position and motion in the sky over time: apparent motion (due to the motion of the Earth) _ Sun, Moon, stars
5 PO 6 Describe efforts to explore space (e.g., Apollo missions, space shuttles, Hubble space telescope, space probes).

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