Standards for AZ

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Alignment to Standards for AZ

1 PO 2 Identify characteristics of maps and globes: compass rose, symbols, map key/legend
1,2,3 PO 5b Locate physical and human features using maps, illustrations, images or globes: human (i.e., equator, North and South poles, country)
2 PO 1 Analyze how various technologies impact aspects of peopleês lives (e.g., entertainment, medicine, transportation, communication).
2 PO 2 Identify science-related career opportunities.
2,3 PO 2 Interpret political and physical maps using the following elements: alpha numeric grids, title, compass rose - cardinal directions, key (legend), symbols
3, 4 PO 2 Describe science-related career opportunities.
K PO 3 Classify a variety of objects as being natural or man-made.

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