Standards for AZ

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Alignment to Standards for AZ

1 PO 1 Classify objects by the following observable properties: shape, texture, size, color, weight,
1 PO 2 Compare the following observable features of living things: movement _ legs, wings, protection _ skin, feathers, tree bark, respiration _ lungs, gills, support _ plant stems, tree trunks,
2 PO 2 Identify science-related career opportunities.
3 PO 2 beneficial and harmful impacts of natural events and human activities on the environment (e.g., forest fires, flooding, pesticides).
3 PO 3 Identify goods and services (e.g., fire and police protection, immunizations, library) provided by local government.
3, 4 PO 2 Describe science-related career opportunities.
4 PO 2 Describe the impact of extreme natural events (e.g., fires, volcanoes, floods, droughts) on human and physical environments.
4 PO 2 Evaluate the consequences of environmental occurrences that happen either rapidly (e.g., fire, flood, tornado) or over a long period of time (e.g., drought, melting ice caps, the greenhouse effect, erosion).
4 PO 5 Identify the Earth events that cause changes in atmospheric conditions (volcanic eruptions, forest fires).
5 PO 1 Explain the impacts of natural hazards on habitats (e.g., global warming, floods, asteroid or large meteor impacts).
K PO 4 Identify people who help keep communities and citizens safe (e.g., police, firefighters, nurses, doctors).
K, 1 PO 1 Give examples of how diverse people use science in daily life.

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