Standards for AZ

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Alignment to Standards for AZ

1 PO 1 Describe the following basic Earth materials: rocks, soil, water,
1 PO 2 Compare the habitats (e.g., desert, forest, prairie, water, underground) in which plants and animals live.
1 PO 2 physical properties of basic Earth materials: color, texture, capacity to retain water,
3 PO 1 Compare life cycles of various plants (e.g., conifers, flowering plants, ferns).
3 PO 1 Describe the function of the following plant structures: roots _ absorb nutrients, stems _ provide support, leaves _ synthesize food, flowers _attract pollinators and produce seeds for reproduction
3 PO 2 Explain how growth, death, and decay are part of the plant life cycle.
3 PO 5 environmental factors (soil composition, range of temperature, quantity and quality of light or water) in the ecosystem may affect a member organismês ability to grow, reproduce, and thrive.
4 PO 1 Describe ways various resources (e.g., air, water, plants, animals, soil) are utilized to meet the needs of a population.
K PO 1 Identify rocks, soil, and water as basic Earth materials.
K PO 2 Identify that plants and animals need the following to grow and survive: food, water, air, space,
K PO 2 Compare physical properties (e.g., color, texture, capacity to retain water) of basic Earth materials.

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