Standards for AZ

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Alignment to Standards for AZ

1 PO 2 Identify resources that are renewable, recyclable, and non-renewable.
1 PO 3 Identify common uses (e.g., construction, decoration) of basic Earth materials (i.e., rocks, water, soil).
1 PO 4 Identify the following as being natural resources: air, water, soil, trees, wildlife,
2 PO 3 Identify differences among natural resources (e.g., water, soil, and wood), human resources (e.g., people at work), and capital resources (e.g., machines, tools and buildings).
2 PO 4a transportation (e.g., trails, turnpikes, canals, wagon trains, steamboats, railroads)
3 PO 3 Identify resources that are renewable, recyclable, and non-renewable.
3 PO 6 Describe ways humans use Earth materials (e.g., fuel, building materials, growing food).
4 PO 1 Describe human dependence on the physical environment and natural resources to satisfy basic needs.
K PO 1 Identify the origin of natural resources (e.g., fish from sea, minerals from the ground, wood from trees, food from farms).
K PO 3 Identify the five senses and their related body parts: sight _ eyes, hearing _ ears, smell _ nose, taste _ tongue, touch _ skin,
K PO 3 Classify a variety of objects as being natural or man-made.

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