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Alignment to Standards for AR

1 ESS.8.1.4 Identify the sequence of seasons
1 G.3.1.2 ways to take personal action to protect the environment, (e.g., cleaning up litter, recycling, Earth Day, Arbor Day)
1 LS.2.1.1 Classify animals according to common characteristics (e.g., movement, body coverings, diet)
2 G.1.2.8 Describe how climate changes with the seasons
2 G.3.2.2c Explore the roles of responsible citizens in preserving the environment: conserving energy
2 G.3.2.3 Examine ways in which people affect the physical environment
2 LS.3.2.1 Illustrate embryonic development (e.g., chicken)
2 LS.4.2.2 Describe characteristics of various habitats
3 G.1.3.10 Describe how seasonal weather changes affect the environment
3 PS.5.3.1 Compare and contrast objects based on two or more properties
4 LS.2.4.1e Classify vertebrates into major subgroups: reptiles
4 LS.4.4.1 Recognize environmental adaptations of plants and animals
K ESS.8.K.6 Describe the four seasons
K LS.2.K.2 Differentiate between plants and animals
K LS.2.K.3 Match parents and offspring

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