Standards for AR

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Alignment to Standards for AR

1 ESS.8.1.1 Identify the features of major landforms
1 G.1.1.6 Recognize that there are four major oceans in the world
1 PS.7.1.1 Compare natural sources of light (e.g., sun, fireflies, deep sea creatures, fire, lightning) to artificial sources of light (e.g., light bulbs, matches, candles)
2 LS.4.2.2 Describe characteristics of various habitats
4 LS.4.4.1 Recognize environmental adaptations of plants and animals
4 LS.4.4.2 Illustrate the interdependence of organisms in an ecosystem
K ESS.8.K.1 Identify various characteristics of Earthês surface
K LS.2.K.2 Differentiate between plants and animals
K LS.2.K.4a Identify basic needs of plants and animals: food

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