Standards for AL

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Alignment to Standards for AL

1 S.Gr 1.2.) Identify basic properties of objects. Examples: size, shape, color, texture
1 S.Gr 1.7.) Identify components of Earths surface, including soil, rocks, and water.
2 S.Gr 2.1.a) Describing objects according to physical properties, including hardness, color, and flexibility
2 SS Gr 2.6.) Identify human-made and natural resources in the world.
3 S.Gr 3.11.a) Classifying rocks and minerals by characteristics, including streak, color, hardness, magnetism, luster, and texture
3 S.Gr 3.2.) physical and chemical changes of matter: physical-chopping wood, chemical-burning wood
3 SS Gr 3.7a.) Locating major natural resources and deposits throughout Alabama, the United States, and the Western Hemisphere
5 S.Gr 5.10.b) Describing the rock cycle
K S.Gr K.7.) Classify objects using the five senses.
K S.Gr K.7.a) Grouping objects according to color, shape, size, sound, taste, smell, texture, and temperature

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