Standards for AL

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Alignment to Standards for AL

1 S.Gr 1.2.) Identify basic properties of objects. Examples: size, shape, color, texture
1 S.Gr 1.4.b) developmental stages of plants and animals. Examples: plants-seed developing into seedling, seedling developing into tree; animals-piglet developing into pig, kid developing into goat,
1 SS Gr 1.7.) Identify ways to take personal action to protect the environment.
3 S.Gr 3.13.) Describe ways to sustain natural resources, including recycling, reusing, conserving, and protecting the environment.
3 SS Gr 3.9.) Identify ways to prepare for natural disasters in the United States.
K SS Gr K.4b.) Identifying various community helpers and their roles in the community: farmers providing food, firefighters putting out fires, health care professionals giving vaccinations, police officers protecting citizens

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