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Alignment to Standards for AL

1 SS Gr 1.6.) Identify land masses, bodies of water, and other physical features of Earth on maps and globes.
1 SS Gr 1.6a.) Explaining uses of cardinal directions on the compass rose
2 S.Gr 2.7.) Identify geological features as mountains, valleys, plains, deserts, lakes, rivers, and oceans.
2 S.Gr 2.8.) Identify evidence of erosion and weathering of rocks.
2 SS Gr 2.8.) Identify continents, oceans, and the equator using technology, maps, and globes.
3 SS Gr 3.1a.) Using cardinal and intermediate directions to find a location on a map or globe
3 SS Gr 3.1d.) Locating physical and human features on a map using labels, symbols, and legends
3 SS Gr 3.1e.) Identifying limitations of maps
3 SS Gr 3.2.) physical characteristics, including landforms, bodies of water, soil, and vegetation of various places on Earth: landforms-mountains, hills, plateaus; bodies of water-oceans, rivers, lakes; soil-silt, clay, sand; vegetation-tropical, desert, plains
3 SS Gr 3.2c.) Earth processes, including continental drift, erosion, natural hazards, weather, and climate
4 S.Gr 4.7.) geological features of Earth, including bodies of water, beaches, ocean ridges, continental shelves, plateaus, faults, canyons, sand dunes, and ice caps.
K S.Gr K.8.) Identify features of Earth as landmasses or bodies of water.
K SS Gr K.7.) Identify representations of Earth using technology, maps, and globes.

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