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Alignment to Standards for AL

1 S.Gr 1.4.) Describe survival traits of living things, including color, shape, size, texture, and covering.
1 S.Gr 1.4.b) developmental stages of plants and animals. Examples: plants-seed developing into seedling, seedling developing into tree; animals-piglet developing into pig, kid developing into goat,
2 S.Gr 2.5.) Identify the relationship of structure to function in plants, including roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.
3 S.Gr 3.7.) Describe the life cycle of plants, including seed, seed germination, growth, and reproduction.
3 S.Gr 3.7.e) Identifying how bees pollinate flowers
4 S.Gr 4.5.d) Identifying characteristics of organisms, including growth and development, reproduction, acquisition and use of energy, and response to the environment
K S.Gr K.6.) Compare size, shape, structure, and basic needs of living things.

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