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A second year where all first grade students in the Bridgeport CT public schools received a copy of a Arbordale book on their first day of school. 2,400 copies of Where Should Turtle Be? were distributed by over 120 volunteers who passed out the books and read to the students.
Illinois Team set up the library at the brand new African Children's Choir Music For Life primary school. All children have lost one or both parents. These students have had the same 200 books for years now, so they will eagerly read their new books. The school houses and educates 150 children
(Photo courtesy of Lynne Dobson)

We very much enjoy working with organizations and individuals who are working to make a positive difference in their communities. Arbordale's reason for being is to promote reading, science, math, geography, and language learning and we offer special discounts and packages to make donation of our books and site licenses to schools and public libraries easy and affordable.

Groups that we work with include:

Rotary Clubs PTAs / PTOs Reading is Fundamental
Exchange Clubs Environmental Educators Animal Defense Leagues
Literacy Groups Friends of The Library Education Fund Associations
Shriners State Libraries State & Local literacy programs
Junior Leagues Missionary Programs State Wildlife Departments

Every situation is a little different and we try to be flexible in what we offer. Early literacy programs accustomed to including activities with their books will be amazed to see the work already done for them and the amount and quality of activities available in the back of each book and online for each each title. You are welcome to print these from our website to include with donated books.

Here are just a few of the highlights and reasons to choose Arbordale:

  • 121 picture books with animal, science and nature themes
  • More picturebook awards per capita than any publisher in the US!
  • More cross-curricular, supplemental activities per title than any publisher in the US!
    • 4-6 page For Creative Minds educational section in the back of each book
    • 40-60 pg Teaching Activities online featuring:
      • Before & after reading questions / Language Arts / Science / Math / Geography / Character
    • 3 Interactive Quizzes
  • eBooks are interactive with Auto-Read, Auto-Flip and selectable English and Spanish text and audio. And now, with Word Highlighting and audio speed control!
  • eBook Site License used by over 7000 schools & Public Libraries in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Here are several options for donating that we have found in the past to work well but if you have other ideas, please give us a shout and we'll try to accomodate.

Option 1. Give a Book to each child in the district, school, or grade. You or the teachers pick the book(s) or let each child pick their own book (from our eBook Site License Test Drive from the homepage and in option 2, below).

Here is our hardcover and paperback pricing for donation sales:

Book Retail Price
Qty HC
&/or PB
Discount for School, Library, & Non-Profits
$15.95 or $16.95
Free Shipping

Option 2. Give eBook Site Licenses to schools or libraries where each child and family has unlimited access at school and from home.

Click to see eBook Site License - the only difference between this "Test Drive" and the real thing is that the eBooks are previews with only11 of 28 story pages displayed. The 3-6 page "For Creative Minds" educational sections from the back of each book are displayed in their entirety (also on book homepages in pdf format).

"All-Title Set" Site License with 121 eBooks plus 5+ new titles per season (10+ per year). eBooks feature Auto-Flip, Auto-Read, and selectable English and Spanish text and audio. And now with Word Highlighting and Audio Speed Control!!

1-yr: $500, 2-yr: $850, 3-yr: $1150, 4-yr: $1400, 5-yr: $1600, Life: $2250

Option 3. Give books and eBook Site Licenses - give physical books to the children, classroom sets for the teachers, or stock the libraries and also give the eBook Site Licenses.

** "All-Title Set" Special**

Purchase one hardcover or paperback (English or Spanish) "All-Title Set" with 121 titles ($1,340 for hardcover / $740 for paperback) and get a FREE, 1-year eBook Site License for your school or public library (Buy Now).

And, if you want all the physical books but want the site license for longer than one year,
try our Bundling Discounts ... same special pricing with free 1-year license as above but deeper
bundling discounts for the out years (at 20-30% off license prices as shown below):

Hardcover + Site License: 1-yr: $1340, 2-yr: $1690, 3-yr: $1990, 4-yr: $2240, 5-yr: $2440, Life: $3090

Paperback + Site License: 1-yr: $740, 2-yr: $1090, 3-yr: $1390, 4-yr: $1640, 5-yr: $1840, Life: $2490

** Many school and library distributors carry the Arbordale "All-Title Set" and if your school or library
purchases one from any US or Canadian distributor, we are pleased to extend this Free eBook Site License
offer and our bundling discounts with proof of purchase.

** Multi-School Pricing for District Buys


If you have any questions or we can help in any way, please call or email.

612 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite A2
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

843-971-6722 (off), 877-243-3457 (toll free), 843-216-3804 (fax)

Science and Math through Literature

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